7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

35 million people in the world suffer from addiction and require treatment. If your loved one suffers from addiction, they’re not alone. Because addiction is so common, there are facilities that work around the clock to help addicts and find new methods of treatment.

When someone in the family is addicted to drugs, everyone suffers. Addiction has a huge impact on the person addicted and on all of their friends and family members. It can also lead to severed relationships and broken homes.

Before this happens to your family, you need to find an addiction treatment center that’s right for your loved one. Choosing the treatment center isn’t a light task to take on. It’s essential that your loved one receives only the best care.

To find a facility that works for them, you need to ask a few questions. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Do You Accept My Insurance?

One of the first questions you might want to ask the treatment center is which insurance they accept. Most treatment centers should take the insurance that covers your loved one, but if not, you still have some options. Paying for a treatment center out of pocket might not be the most ideal situation, but if you found a place that feels right, then it’s worth it.

If the treatment center of your choice doesn’t accept the insurance, then you can ask about being placed on a payment plan or ask if they charge out of pocket based on a sliding scale. The center should be able to work with you.

2. What Type of Amenities Are There?

No one wants to be stuck in a center with nothing to do but stare at a white wall all day long. Your loved one deserves to spend their treatment in a center with amenities to keep their mind busy. Ask the center what types of amenities they offer.

Do keep in mind that centers with many different amenities and activities are normally more expensive, but you don’t have to find the center with the most amenities. You need to find one with amenities that are beneficial to your loved one.

Think about the things your loved one enjoys or once enjoyed. Could you see them focusing their mind on the gym instead of the addiction? What about swimming, or weekly spa visits?

Find a center that has the amenities that you know your loved one will enjoy.

3. How Long Is the Treatment Plan?

Treatment plan options are important. You should find a facility that offers a variety of treatment plans and services. There’s no “one plan fits all” when it comes to treating addiction.

Find a center that understands your loved one is an individual with unique needs for treatment. Most centers will offer 30-day treatment plans, but you need to find one that offers short-term and long-term treatment plans. Be sure to speak with the center about the treatment practices used as well.

How will the center administer a treatment practice that works well for your loved one?

4. Do You Have Proper Licenses and Certifications?

The center you choose for your loved one should have proper licenses and certifications. The state will have its own requirements for treatment centers to become licensed. The center should have all the licenses necessary to treat patients, and all of their counselors should be licensed as well.

5. What Can the Entire Family Expect From It?

Addiction is difficult and stressful for the entire family. What can you and your family expect from this treatment? What should the expectations be for your loved one?

What are the statistics of success after leaving the treatment center? Are there certain ways of communicating with your addicted loved one while they’re in treatment?

Ask the center about things you should or shouldn’t do and what you should and shouldn’t expect out of the experience.

6. Do You Provide Aftercare?

What happens when your loved one finishes their treatment plan? What will happen after they’re sent home? How can you ensure they won’t fall back into addiction?

Ask the center about different resources they might have for you and your loved one. You should also ask if the center provides post-treatment care. Continuing care services are an important part of the recovery process.

The center you choose should be able to answer these questions about aftercare and provide you with enough information and resources to make you feel at ease.

7. What’s the Cost for Treatment?

One of the last questions on our list is the cost. The cost of treatment is an essential question to ask, but it shouldn’t be the most important. Don’t base your final decision on the center that’s the most affordable.

Remember, a center that offers amazing amenities and awesome treatment practices might be more expensive than one that doesn’t. Ask this question as one of your last questions and then speak with the center about different payment plans or other payment options.

Have You Found the Right Addiction Treatment Center?

Still haven’t found the right addiction treatment center for your loved one? This process is a long one, especially when you want to ensure you’re choosing the best center possible.

Use these questions to help you along the way, and click here to view what our own admission process looks like.

When you’re ready to ask us any and all questions you have, be sure to visit our welcome page and fill out the contact form.

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