Our admission process for entering our facility is seamless. Deerhaven clientele are supported from the moment they call us, during their travel to and from our facility, 24 hour access to care during treatment, and even after they have left our facility.

Admission Criteria

  1. Over the age of 25
  2. Chemically dependent to alcohol
  3. Willing on your own accord to enter treatment and commit to a sober lifestyle
  4. Have the basic ability to perform daily living activities and self-care including, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, and maintaining your living accommodations

Step Two: Review Program Options

Deerhaven gardens offers many types of evidence-based practices and alternative treatment modalities. It is important that our clients understand all their treatment options and each amenity our facility has to offer. You will be provided an enrollment packet with detailed information about every facet of what our program has to offer and sections to fill out regarding your personal demographics and pertinent history. This process aims to understand your preferences by reviewing presenting issues, what has helped in the past, what treatments and amenities you wish to incorporate during your stay, and how each element incorporated in our program will benefit your unique circumstances. This information will help our clinical team design a person-centered treatment plan that meets your unique circumstances.

Step 4 : Intake and Assessment

Our clients’ safety is paramount, which is why, each client personally meets with our Clinical Director to ensure they receive the level of care and treatment recommendations that align with their unique set of circumstances. This process takes roughly 45-90 minutes. This comprehensive clinical assessment will review your current presenting issue, as well as, any past history and current mental health/ substance abuse symptoms, medical, family and social supports, vocation, education, and environmental factors. Upon completion of your assessment. You and the clinical director will conceptualize your personalized course of treatment.

Step One: Understanding Your Needs

Our goal at Deerhaven gardens is to ensure lifelong recovery for those seeking help with addiction and co-occurring disorders. We always seek to do what is in the best interest for our client’s. A large part of that is knowing where we can make the largest impact. There is no “one size fits all” model that works in addiction treatment. Our team of professionals is here to help you understand our program as it pertains to your personal needs. At his stage you will be screened to see if you meet our admission criteria. Once our clinical team agrees you meet criteria you will advance to step-two.

Step 3: Schedule Admission

Once enrollment is completed and a client is medically cleared for admission, our support staff take over to create a personalized travel itinerary that fits your every need. Every detail including flights to and from Asheville, as well as personal valet, are all monitored step-by-step to ensure you are being provided excellent care and the support you deserve.

Step 5: Orientation

Welcome to the start of a new beginning. Our staff will welcome you to our facility and continue meeting your every need during and even after your stay. You will be accompanied to your living accommodations, meet with our medical professional, and touch base with our professional addiction counselor. Prepare to begin the process of rediscovering purpose, direction, and inner peace without the chains for addiction.