Addiction Therapy Services

Addiction Therapy Services

Luxury Addiction Treatment Services at Deerhaven Gardens

For those seeking treatment for  alcohol, and co-occurring disorders, Deerhaven gardens offers a safe, private, secure, upscale environment to face your unique challenges with a dedicated and caring staff that is invested in your success. Deerhaven is a tranquil place to heal and learn how to take back control of your life and start anew. Getting back to living a joyful and purposeful life free from drugs and alcohol is possible for those that stay and complete our person-centered program. We believe strongly in a holistic approach to counseling, which means that we will look at the “whole person”. This includes your physical health and wellness, social environment (including vocational environment), psychological/emotional development, and spirituality.

Theoretically, our program utilizes an eclectic counseling approach, relying heavily on Rogerian person-centered theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and behavioral counseling approaches. Other approaches that may be used include solution focused therapy, experiential therapy, and a few psychodynamic interventions. These are all well-established, researched, and respected therapies. In addition to counseling, those that attend our treatment program have access to expert medical professionals that can supplement your treatment with medications not available in most other states. NC offers some of the most cutting-edge medications available, which has redefined what is possible for those seeking lifelong effective treatment. Everyone is different in expressing conflict or problems. A thorough assessment is conducted at the onset of treatment to help conceptualize your presenting concerns, which will guide the most appropriate plan for treatment including theoretical orientation and interventions to be utilized. Let us mentor and guide you on how to break the chains of addiction by acquiring the tools necessary to navigate your day-to-day lives sober. You will leave Deerhaven with a rejuvenated sense of mind, body, and spirit and a new view of self.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This therapy focuses on retraining the brain as to how thoughts affect feelings, which affect behavior. Many residents enter our program with a very negative self image, which is only increasing their desire to self-medicate. 

At Deerhaven Gardens, our counselors are trained specifically in the use of CBT therapies along with other addiction therapy that is evidence based and has been a trusted addiction therapy for decades. Like many aspects of treating addiction, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps provide our residents with a strong start to a better, sober life. 

CBT Therapy in Alcohol Treatment

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is used to help residents manage stress and regulate emotions. When we view addiction recovery success, we look at what occurs prior to someone in recovery relapsing. Research has found that triggers (stress, anxiety, and other strong emotions) will drive a person in recovery back to the comfort of drinking or drug use.  

At Deerhaven Gardens, we work with our residents through DBT therapy to help them not only manage their stress levels and regulate emotions, but teach them how to do it on a consistent basis, which leads to much more promising outcomes in the long term.

Psychoeducational Therapy

This therapy focuses on educating the resident as to what addiction actually is. Many patients would like to understand this chronic disease, so they feel empowered to tackle it. Addiction, as of today, has no cure, however education on what the disease is and how to manage it can provide solace to those in recovery.  

When coupled with other CBT therapies as well as active group therapy, Psychoeducational modalities can provide patients with the information they need to move on in their lives.  Addiction IS a disease and should be treated as such, which is exactly what we do at Deerhaven Gardens.

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